Luggage zipper material classification
Luggage zipper material classification
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Luggage zipper material classification

2021-11-16 16:34:34 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

  The classification of zippers can be divided into the following types according to the material

Luggage zipper

  1. Nylon zipper (the teeth are Tetoron teeth, originally nylon teeth, but because the nylon teeth are colored in color, the brightness is unstable and difficult to match the color of the cloth, so it is changed to Tetoron The tooth pull suture is Tetoron thread.

  2. Plastic zipper: After the plastic material is die-casted, the stretched cloth is inserted. The disadvantage is that long teeth are easy to fall off.

  3. Copper fasteners (BRASS) are mostly imported from Japan due to processing reasons. There are one-way and two-way fasteners, which are easy to rust after long-term use.

  4. Aluminum alloy chuck, nickel chuck (previous name), chuck made of aluminum alloy and nickel alloy.