How do I know what zipper slider I need?
How do I know what zipper slider I need?
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How do I know what zipper slider I need?

2024-03-13 18:36:49 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

How to Choose Jeans Zip? I believe that many buyers have doubts. Today we will introduce Jeans Zipper to you in detail so you can know how to choose.

Pants Zippers are divided into three: 4YG, 4.5YG, and 5YG.

Zipper For Pants

1. Suitable for jeans

4YG: This is the smaller size of the Metal Zipper that generally fits skinny or lightweight jeans, women's, and teen jeans.

4.5YG: A medium-sized Metal Zip has moderate width and strength to fit most standard-thickness jeans.

5YG: Metal Zipper Teeth in a larger size, offering greater durability and load-bearing capacity for men's jeans or styles designed for durability and frequent use.

2. Zipper strength:

As Custom Jeans Zipper increases its size, so does its strength and durability. 5YG zippers are generally better able to withstand frequent pulls and heavier loads than 4YG and 4.5YG zippers.

3. Design compatibility:

The 4YG Custom Jeans Zipper Metal may require a more elaborate design to accommodate its smaller size, which limits its use in certain styles.

The 4.5YG Custom Jeans Zip offers a certain degree of flexibility in design and can be used for both fashionable and functional jeans.

5YG Custom Jeans Zipper Metal Zipper is more suitable for jeans designs emphasizing durability and practicality.

Cost considerations:

4. Cost

Typically, the cost of Zipper Metal increases with size. Buyers choose the appropriate Zipper Metal Teeth size based on budget and product positioning.

Custom Jeans Zipper

Custom Jeans Zipper Metal

To sum up, when you choose a Zipper For Jeans, you should decide the most suitable Zip For Jeans based on your jeans size, application, design, and cost budget. If you have any questions, contact us and we will assist you. Find the Zipper For Pants that's right for you.