How to put the zipper head back

How to put the zipper head back

2022-07-29 14:21:29 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

First, use a lighter to burn off the edge of the cut cloth tape to prevent it from falling off, and then pull the zipper head into the teeth with the upward direction between the zipper teeth. The outward tension of the cloth tape goes into the pulling teeth, and then the puller is installed after the cloth belt is pulled out, and the excess pulling teeth are pulled out with diagonal pliers until it is installed.

There are zippers on many clothes now, but sometimes the zippers fall off. How should I put them back on? Now let's talk about it in detail:

How to put the zipper head back on the clothes:

1. First, burn the trimmed tape edge with a lighter to prevent it from falling off.

2. Pull the zipper head into the teeth in the upward direction between the pull teeth, double-pull the two ends of the cloth tape and pull the zipper head outward together, and the puller will enter the pull teeth along the outward tension of the cloth belt.

3. After the tape is pulled out, the slider is installed.

4. Use diagonal pliers to pull out the excess teeth.

5. Until it is installed.

The zipper is a connecting piece that relies on the continuous arrangement of elements to combine or separate items, and is now widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc. A fastener consisting of a row of metal or plastic teeth on two straps, used to connect the edges of an opening (such as a garment or bag mouth), and a slider that pulls the two rows of teeth into an interlocking position to close the opening; linking A chain attached to something (as an object to be lifted or dropped) to tighten, stabilize or guide it. The zipper is composed of chain teeth, sliders, limit codes (front and rear) or locking pieces. The fastener element is the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the zipper has two pieces of chain belt, each chain belt has a row of fastener elements, and the two rows of fastener elements are arranged in a staggered manner. The fasteners on both sides are clamped by the slider, and the fasteners on both sides can be engaged or disengaged by sliding with the help of the pull tab.