How to wash and choose zippers on children's clothing?
How to wash and choose zippers on children's clothing?
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How to wash and choose zippers on children's clothing?

2022-07-07 10:09:02 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

      Tips for buying zippers for children's clothing: For zippers for children's products, burrs should be completely avoided to prevent scratching children, nylon zippers should be used to prevent them from falling off, and the puller should not fall off and become swallowed by children. Large metal zipper Try to avoid buying clothes. In addition, children's products need to clarify the physical performance standards and environmental testing standards that the products need to meet. The requirements for zipper ingredients, whether it needs to be AZO-free, nickel-free, or pass the needle detector, most brands of children's clothes will have custom zipper cards on the zippers of their clothes, usually in different shapes. Moreover, the brand's LOGO is engraved on it, which is a very detailed thing. If it is done well, it will become a kind of logo.

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      Introduction of zipper ironing skills: This is a new ironing technology, which completely changes the inherent mode of ironing people's clothes. It is not only the clothes that need to change the temperature of the iron according to the material, but the zipper also needs to be ironed at a suitable temperature. , The zipper can be kept strong and beautiful at a suitable temperature. In addition, when ironing the zipper of any material, the zipper teeth must be pulled up, the pull tab of the slider should be placed in the middle position, and the clothing pad should be placed after the zipper. Ironing the soup again, otherwise, unexpected things will happen, which will bring us economic losses.

      Introduction of zipper cleaning method:
      1. Before washing children's clothing or putting it in the dryer, please be sure to close the children's zipper and fix the slider, so as to avoid damage to the zipper box and stick during washing. If you wash with it on, the front of the top stop will damage the fabric and the tape will shrink.

      2. Strong alkaline detergent or chlorine bleach will melt the paraffin or oil film on the zipper on children's clothing, please pay special attention when using it. When washing zippers, do not use detergents containing sufficient acid or alkali, otherwise, the teeth of children's clothing zippers will be corroded and reduced, which will affect the service life of the zipper.

      3. If the zipper becomes difficult to pull after washing, you can apply paraffin to let the slider slide up and down two or three times, which will be easier to use.

      With the above cleaning methods, the chemical reaction between the zipper and the chemicals in the cleaning products can be well avoided (especially the cleaning products with strong cleaning power). Obviously, severe cases may lead to the occurrence of color shifting of clothing zippers.

      In short, zippers have different adaptability to different groups of objects in different environments. The choice of children's clothing zippers should be based on their own conditions, not simply good-looking. YYX zipper has a glorious development history of more than ten years, and its business has spread both at home and abroad. Domestic and international well-known children's clothing brands have designated YYX Zipper Factory as their main supply partner. Every garment manufacturer, handbag dealer, and children's clothing manufacturer who trust YYX zipper can enjoy the good quality and perfect and sincere after-sales service of YYX zipper. More about how to clean zipper, how to buy zipper and other related technologies Questions, please inquire!