Metal zipper lubrication method

Metal zipper lubrication method

2022-05-31 14:12:40 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

      Items with zippers are very prone to problems such as inflexible zippers, inability to open, and missing teeth. Today, the editor will introduce several ways to lubricate metal zippers, hoping to help you solve related small problems.

      1. When the metal zipper does not pull smoothly, we need to lubricate it. The tool of choice is the candle, which works very well. This was pretty much the most common way to deal with it in the 90s.

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      2. If you don't have candles at home, you can choose crayons or soap to smear back and forth on the two rows of pulling teeth, so that the next time you pull it will become very smooth.

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      3. You can also choose to apply your own cream, pay attention, try to choose a thicker one. Otherwise, it sticks around the zipper and is not easy to clean. Or choose a relatively clean oil and drop a few drops to lubricate, but be careful to drip it on the clothes, it is not recommended.

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      4. In fact, the principle of lubrication is very simple, that is, to reduce friction and increase lubrication, many lubricants can achieve the effect. Here are some of the items that are easy to find at home. Of course, you can also consider using pencil lead powder for lubrication.

      5. If the zipper is still not easy to pull or cannot be pulled after using various methods of lubrication, other problems can be considered. For example, cleaning the debris in the zipper seam, or clamping the zipper with pliers, or changing a zipper head, can solve the problem.