Nylon zipper card cloth treatment and zipper puller repair
Nylon zipper card cloth treatment and zipper puller repair
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Nylon zipper card cloth treatment and zipper puller repair

2022-08-20 16:15:02 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

When opening and closing the nylon zipper, sometimes the zipper cannot move due to the cloth being caught by the slider. At this time, if you blindly pull the zipper, it will only make the cloth tighter, so try to pull the cloth stuck in the slider as far as possible, and then pull the slider back to its original position. Use force, just pull up slowly. In addition, pay attention to the smoothness of the sewing when sewing the zipper.

When putting on or taking off clothes, please put on and take off with the nylon zipper fully open. Fasten the button or trouser hook first, and then zipper will be smoother. barrier. With zippered boots, gloves and clothing, etc., but also pay more attention to reduce trouble.

In addition, in daily life, we also need to know the simple repair method of nylon zipper puller. First pull down a big tooth on the zipper with pliers, and pull both sides; then pull the zipper head to the top; then merge the teeth on both sides together. Then put the nylon zipper zipper head in, if it can't fit in, cut a small slit on the diameter line, remember, don't cut in the place where the big teeth are installed, it should be cut at the top, otherwise the big teeth will not fit; put the big teeth On, the zipper head can be put in.

Nylon zipper

Nylon zipper is a type of zipper, which is composed of nylon monofilament wrapped around the center line through a heating die.

1. Can be used on sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents.

2. This type of material is mainly made of polyester, and the cost is relatively low. It is also a kind of zipper that the market prefers. The teeth of the zipper are spiral, and it is also a special kind of zipper in the series, so there is no single-tooth displacement strong item in its physical indicators.

3. Commonly used sliders are painted, and sometimes electroplated.

Zipper Notes:

In the case of "washed" garments that use zippers, it must be stated on the order that the garments require water washing. And please note that the fabric needs to be shrunk before sewing, so as to avoid the shrinkage of the fabric after washing, which will cause the zipper to arch and affect the hand feeling. When washing, the position of the slider must be fixed, otherwise the slider will slide down arbitrarily. The slider is securely locked on the left and right teeth. It can be twisted arbitrarily according to the "washing" force. The twisting force exceeds the bearing capacity of a single tooth. , the teeth will fall off and the zipper will be damaged. The normal zipper will have a "not slippery" feeling after washing, and it can be painted with paraffin and pulled up and down two or three times. Guaranteed smoothness after washing.