Precautions for choosing stainless steel zipper
Precautions for choosing stainless steel zipper
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Precautions for choosing stainless steel zipper

2022-07-01 14:36:14 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

      As one of the important accessories of clothing, stainless steel zipper has also changed from a trial product in the past to an ornament of clothing. In the world, 90% of fashion designers pay more attention to the function of zippers and the fashion of zippers to make them serve for fashion design. Therefore, with the diversity of styles, functions and aesthetics of clothing design, the matching zippers are also colorful and varied. The choice of stainless steel zipper needs to consider the compatibility and harmony with the main materials and styles of the clothing, as well as its decorative art and economical practicability.

       The following aspects can be considered:
      (1) The zipper is selected according to the size of the zipper. When considering the strength of the zipper, the model of the zipper is mainly selected.

      (2) Design according to the material of the fastener elements of the stainless steel zipper. The material of the fastener elements determines the shape and basic state of the zipper, especially the softness and feel, which will directly affect the compatibility and aesthetics of the zipper and clothing, such as The injection-molded zipper is suitable for clothing with thicker fabrics. The lightweight nylon zipper meets the requirements of thinning clothing fabrics.

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      (3) Select stainless steel zippers according to the style of clothing. In the application of clothing design, zippers of various materials are combined with the style of clothing, and the positioning and selection are made according to the difference in fabric, structure and color. Closed or side-by-side double-ended up and down zippers with metallic texture are mostly used for heavy textured denim and high-end fur clothing; open-ended right-inserted or open-ended left-inserted zippers are mostly used in the design of casual wear and sportswear; Double-headed and double-tailed zippers are mostly used in the design of children's clothing and special tooling; invisible zippers with a shy appearance are generally used for the design of women's skirts and trousers, including some casual small dresses, to make the appearance of the clothing silhouette and line. Simpler and smoother.

      (4) Select stainless steel zippers according to the color and decoration of the clothing. Considering the color coordination between the fabric and the accessories in the clothing design, it is necessary to choose the zipper that is consistent with the color of the fabric, so that the main material and the accessories are seamless. Effect. Sometimes in order to form a strong contrasting effect, different colors are used. At the same time, the slider of the zipper is an important decorative part, which provides more choices for the decoration and marking of the clothing. Its personalized and diversified features increase the fashion of the clothing, help to establish a brand, and cooperate with other enterprises. There are obvious differences in product identification.