Use the zipper trick

Use the zipper trick

2022-08-02 09:05:47 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

In the process of using the zipper on weekdays, you will definitely encounter some problems. How to solve them?

1. What problems should we pay attention to when using zippers?

(1) When pulling the slider, the force should not be too large;

(2) When using the cannula and socket, it is advisable to insert the cannula into the bottom end of the socket cavity, and then pull the slider;

(3) For the zipper on the bag, when there are too many things, if the zipper is pulled hard when closing the zipper, the force of the zipper will be too large, which will cause the teeth to be separated from the belt. After easy passage, slowly close and close the zipper.

Use the zipper trick

2. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head bites the tape or fabric and the slider cannot be pulled, what should I do?

In this case, if you pull the slider forcibly, it will bite deeper and deeper. You should reverse the slider and untie the fabric on the one hand. When fully bite in, do not pull the slider vigorously, but slowly back the slider.

3. How to deal with the blocking phenomenon of the zipper?

If the jam occurs when pulling the zipper, the slider should be moved back a certain distance and then the zipper should be pulled forward.

4. When using the zipper, the opening and closing is not smooth, what should I do?

If the slider is pulled too hard, a tooth engagement failure will occur. At this time, use paraffin wax or lubricating spray to coat the surface and inside of the fastener element, and then move the slider several times to loosen it.

5. What should be paid attention to when washing clothes with zippers?

When washing clothes, the zipper should be closed. This is the zipper at its best when washed. This not only prolongs the life of the zipper, but also reduces the wear of the inner wall of the washing machine.

6. The zipper head jams the fabric, so that the zipper plate is broken or the zipper cannot be closed, what should I do?

Use one hand to break the stuck cloth to both sides and pull it to the back, pull the chain head forward with the other hand, do not use too much force to prevent the pull plate from breaking, and then return the zipper to its original state. In addition, when sewing, ensure the amount of space for the zipper tape, so that the zipper head can be used smoothly.

7. What should be paid attention to in the zipper used for leather products or wool products?

Copper alloy zippers for leather or wool need to be rust-proofed before being combined with leather or wool.

8. If dark zippers and light-colored clothes are placed together, it is easy to cause the problem of color transfer printing. How to solve it?

When the dark zipper and the light-colored main material are sealed and stored in the same polyethylene bag, this situation can be avoided by separating the zipper from the main material with paper.