Why choose our Nun Lock Zip Sliders?
Why choose our Nun Lock Zip Sliders?
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Why choose our Nun Lock Zip Sliders?

2024-04-20 09:44:46 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

Our products have great design aesthetics that stand the test of time. Our Zinc Alloy Zipper Slider is made of high-quality zinc alloy and can enhance the functionality and appeal of clothing and accessories.

Nun Lock Zip Slider Lock Zipper
Product Highlights:
1. Material: Durable zinc alloy, sturdy structure.
2. Size: Size 5, suitable for many applications.
3. Type: No lock head, can slide easily Nun Lock Zip Slider.
4. Color: The standard version is black and silver, you can choose to customize various colors to match your needs.
5. Customization service: Customize the Zinc Alloy Zip Slider with unique shapes, logos, and colors to reflect the brand's personality.
6. Application: Widely used, it can be used on metal and nylon zippers to enhance its practicality on different materials.

Nun Lock Zip Slider Lock
What are the advantages of our Nun Lock Zipper Sliders?
1. Corrosion Resistant: Our Zinc Alloy Zip Slider Zipper is engineered to resist corrosion, ensuring it maintains its appearance even with frequent use.
2. Anti-rust: There is no common rust problem, and our products are durable.
3. Not easy to fade: Our Zinc Alloy Zip Slider Zipper color will not fade easily, allowing your products to stay fresh for a long time.
4. OEM Services: We provide OEM services to meet your needs and make your vision a reality.

Custom Made Zipper Slider
Our Custom Zipper Pulls Metal blend functionality with unique style, providing an effective application for enhancing apparel and accessory designs.