Application of zipper on jeans

Application of zipper on jeans

2022-07-13 15:38:33 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

In jeans, the most practical thing is the zipper. The quality of the zipper directly affects the quality of the jeans. The quality and feel of the zipper can be identified. Yiyixing zipper has its own brand "YYX", with complete varieties, reasonable prices and high quality. Welcome to inquire.

Application of zipper:
    I believe that there is more than one pair of jeans in everyone's wardrobe. Since the birth of jeans, jeans have always embodied a personality, classic and beauty with their unique style of joy and passion, and their free and youthful permeability. Because whether the jeans are dirty or wrinkled, tight or straight, wearing them will produce different effects, not to mention that it has good compatibility, even if it is used to match suits and Chinese tops, it is also a mixed collar. Trendsetter.

    So how do you know whether the zipper on jeans is good or bad? It can be identified according to the quality and feel of the zipper. Visually inspect the appearance of the zipper to see if the foot of the chain teeth is broken, whether the edge of the tooth pit is cracked, and whether the chain teeth are arranged neatly, allowing the chain teeth to have a slight herringbone arrangement. Pull the slider back and forth with your hand, feel the beating degree of the slider, the self-locking effect, the degree of flexibility, etc.

    YYX Zipper Co., Ltd. uses lead-free materials and needle-checking materials to put into production. The products have been strictly controlled and tested and approved by the Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.