Which is the best zipper?

Which is the best zipper?

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Do you know how to judge the quality of zipper?

 1. Judging by the allowable tolerance of the length of the zipper:
    Length: less than 30CM, tolerance difference: plus or minus 5MM;
    Length: less than 30-60CM, permission difference: plus or minus 5MM;
    Length: less than 60-120CM, permission difference: plus or minus 15MM;
    Length: above 120CM, tolerance difference: plus or minus 2.0%;
    In conclusion, the longer the zipper length, the larger the tolerance it allows.
    Introduction to the measurement method of the size and length of the zipper: prepare a [steel ruler] tool. First, place the zipper flat on a flat platen to keep it in a natural state; then use a steel ruler to measure from the top of the slider to the outer end of the lower end of the zipper. to the outer end of the socket.
    Note: During the production process of the zipper, due to the inertia of the production equipment and the integrity of the zipper tooth shape, the length of the zipper is allowed to deviate, but it must be within a certain tolerance range. Good quality zippers generally follow such length standards. .

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2. Judging by the appearance and structure of the zipper:
    Teeth: The current surface of the zipper teeth should be smooth, soft and smooth when pulled, and less noise.
    Cube, hosel: These two parts need to be interspersed freely, and the cloth belt should be fastened.
    Tape: The tape on the zipper should be dyed evenly, without stains, scars, and soft to the touch. In the vertical direction or in the horizontal direction, the zipper tape should be wavy.
    Zipper Puller: The self-locking puller pulls easily and freely, and the zipper is fixed without slipping.
    Patch: The zipper patch should be tightly fastened to the tape, which is not easy to break or fall off.
    Bottom stop requirements: The zipper bottom stop must be tightly fastened to the teeth or clamped on it, and it must be strong and perfect.

3. Judging whether the quality is good or bad by the strength of the zipper:
    The strength of the zipper is the most important performance indicator to measure its quality, which determines the scope of use and durability of the zipper. Different specifications and models of zippers have different strengths and are suitable for different purposes.
    The model of the zipper not only includes the specification requirements of the zipper, but also reflects the performance characteristics of the zipper, that is, the technical parameters of the zipper and the function of use. Its strength test methods mainly include the following:
    (1) Test of upper stop strength of zipper:
    Interlock the chain teeth, pull the slider to the upper end stop, and pull the slider. At this time, the strength of the zipper's upper stop can be measured. The ability of the top stop to resist external forces as it moves from the strap.
    (2) Test of lower stop strength
    Pull the zipper head to the lower end stop, the zipper teeth are divided into left and right parts, pulling the left and right sides of the chain teeth can measure the force required for the bottom stop to be damaged, as well as the resistance of the internal components of the slider.
    (3) Test of flat pull strength
    The flat pull strength is the most basic strength index for the quality of the zipper. It is used to test the ability of the zipper teeth to resist lateral force in the interlocking state, which is very similar to the actual use state.
    The above three zipper strength test methods are basically sufficient, and I hope to bring you some help in ordinary use.

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