Difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper
Difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper
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Difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper

2022-03-09 18:06:38 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

What is resin zipper? What is the difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper? Zippers are all too common for us, because the use of buttons is much more troublesome than zippers, and zippers have become the first choice for many clothes, especially for warm clothes. Nowadays, there are many zipper products on the market, and there are many differences in material and structure, among which resin zipper is the more common one. Let me introduce to you.

Difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper
What is resin zipper?

The so-called resin zipper is actually a zipper product that uses polyester plastic rice as the main raw material and is processed by injection molding machine according to a specific product mold. This kind of zipper is generally dyed in the subsequent processing process to make its external shape more beautiful.

resin zipper

What is nylon zipper?

Among non-metal zipper products, in addition to resin zipper products, nylon material is another important subdivision product. The raw material used in this product is nylon yarn extracted from petroleum, a zipper product produced by special thermal processing winding equipment, the head of this product will be painted or electroplated to make it more attractive beautiful.

Difference between resin zipper and nylon zipper:

The difference between the two is still relatively large. First, the processing technology is different. The former is made of injection molding, while the latter is made of hot pressing. Secondly, the cost of the two is different, and the cost of resin is slightly higher. A little, while the cost of nylon will be much lower.