Invisible zipper

Invisible zipper

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Invisible zipper consists of chain teeth, sliders, limit codes (front and rear) or locking pieces. The fastener element is the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the invisible zipper has two pieces of chain belt, and each piece of chain belt has a row of fastener elements, and the two rows of fastener elements are arranged in a staggered manner. Invisible zippers are mainly used in down jackets, denim jackets, leather jackets, high-end jackets, cold-proof clothing, etc. Compared with nylon zippers and resin zippers, they are stronger and more expensive, and are mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks.


Invisible zipper is an auxiliary material with certain powerful functions, which must be used properly, which can prolong the service life, otherwise it will be easily damaged. When pulling and closing the invisible zipper, you should not use too much force, because such force will often greatly exceed the load force allowed by the zipper. The quality of invisible zipper cloth and slider is mainly distinguished by grade: such as grades A, B, and C, the more advanced the grade, the better the quality. Specifications are distinguished by size: such as size 3, 5, 8, 10, etc., the larger the number, the larger the size. Zipper Tips Since the color of the microphone teeth on the invisible tooth zipper is all electroplated, if it is not stored properly, the microphone teeth will turn black and cause pollution to the fabric. Invisible zipper microphone teeth are prone to oxidation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage. Do not store in a sealed container or in a humid environment. It is recommended to use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary.


1. During normal use, pay attention to whether there are any defects such as "broken belly", "tooth loss", skew, etc. on the invisible zipper. These defects should be repaired in time, and do not pull hard. If the zipper is loose and the teeth are loose, you can use a small hammer to tap the zipper head a few times to make the upper and lower chain teeth bite tighter, so that the teeth will not come off again.

2. The invisible zipper of aluminum alloy is more susceptible to corrosion, so it should be kept dry and not exposed to moisture to prevent the aluminum teeth from forming white oxides, which will cause the zipper to rust over time and affect the use. Contact with sexual and acidic substances. When storing, ensure a certain degree of ventilation, do not seal it, and do not store it in a humid environment. If necessary, use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier. If the zipper becomes astringent when it is wet, at this time, first dry the zipper, then apply some wax on the teeth of the zipper, and then bake it with fire, so that it is very smooth when used.

3. When pulling the invisible zipper, you should first align the teeth on both sides, and then hold the zipper head and gently pull it forward along the track. ". If the zipper is astringent and cannot be pulled flexibly, you can wipe it with a cloth first and then put a layer of white wax on the "teeth".

4. All kinds of bags, pockets or wallets with invisible zippers should not be overfilled, otherwise the zipper will easily cause "broken belly", "tooth loss", skew and soft cloth.

Repair method

1. The invisible zipper has phenomena such as "tooth-off" or "skew", the bad teeth can be removed and new ones can be added, and it can still be used; when the invisible zipper head is pulled, the teeth on both sides are not close together, which means that the zipper head is loose after wear and tear. , You can use ordinary vise to gently clamp the closed end of the invisible zipper head horizontally, and it will be improved immediately, and the teeth on both sides will be tightly closed and will no longer be loose.

2. If the invisible zipper is not smooth, apply candle or leather wax on it to improve the effect. If there is a little denitrification, you can use the color matching leather paste to supplement the color or wipe the denitrification part with white electric oil n-ethane lightly to remove the stains on it.

3. If the invisible zipper has poor smoothness or cannot be pulled, the general reason is that its size is too large and it does not match the size of the slider. In this case, the zipper needs to be adjusted and re-matched.

4. When opening and closing the invisible zipper, sometimes the corn zipper cannot move due to the cloth being clamped by the slider. At this time, if you just forcefully pull the cloth, it will only make the cloth tighter. Therefore, Dianli Technology recommends to pull the cloth stuck in the slider as far as possible, and then pull the slider back to its original position. If it is completely stuck, Don't push too hard, just pull up slowly. In addition, attention must be paid to the smoothness of the sewing when sewing corn teeth zippers.

5. If the pull tab in the zipper head is accidentally damaged, the best solution is to find an old zipper that is on hold, remove its pull tab, and then install it on the new zipper. In fact, some of the most critical at this time are the disassembly and assembly methods of the pull tab. Use a screwdriver or other pointed objects to pry off the pull tab lock handle of the old zipper, and then remove the pull tab lock. The same is true when the pull tab is installed. After the zipper pull tab is installed, the pull tab lock can be snapped back to the zipper body in its original position.