How to repair plastic zipper teeth

How to repair plastic zipper teeth

2022-08-18 15:02:45 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

In daily life, many of our clothes are zippered. The zipper is convenient for our life, but it also brings us trouble, that is, it is easy to break. So, when the zipper teeth fall off, how should we fix it?

First, check where bad or missing teeth are located. If the position is close to the end, it can still be repaired, but if it is close to the beginning, be prepared to change the zipper.

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If you're sure it can be repaired, sew a few stitches on the bad tooth, on both sides of the tooth, which creates a new end and retains more of the zipper. During the sewing process, we need to constantly check the zipper until the zipper can be pulled all the way to the new end.

If the jam occurs when pulling the zipper, the slider should be moved back a certain distance and then the zipper should be pulled forward. When the zipper does not open and close smoothly, if the puller is pulled forcibly, the chain teeth will fail to engage. At this time, use paraffin wax or lubricating spray to coat the surface and inside of the fastener element, and then move the slider several times to loosen it.