What material is the zipper made of

What material is the zipper made of

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The zipper is made of nylon, resin and metal materials. The zipper is a connecting piece that relies on the continuous arrangement of the elements to merge or separate items, and is now widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc. A fastener consisting of a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth on each of the two straps is used to connect the edges of the opening, and a slider can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening.

The zipper is composed of chain teeth, sliders, upper and lower stops or locking parts. The fastener element is the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, the zipper has two pieces of chain belt, each chain belt has a row of fastener elements, and the two rows of fastener elements are arranged in a staggered manner. The fasteners on both sides are clamped by the slider, and the fasteners on both sides can be engaged or disengaged by sliding with the help of the pull tab.

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The zipper has developed from the original metal material to the non-metal material, the single function of a single variety to the comprehensive function of multiple varieties and multiple specifications, from the simple structure to the present delicate, beautiful and colorful, after a long evolution process. Its performance, structure and materials are changing with each passing day, and it has a wide range of uses. It has penetrated into various fields such as aerospace, aviation, military, medical, and civilian use. The role of small zippers in people's lives is getting bigger and bigger. Sex and vitality. The zipper, as one of the ten most practical inventions for mankind in this century, has been recorded in the annals of history.