Invisible trademark zipper production method
Invisible trademark zipper production method
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Invisible trademark zipper production method

2022-07-20 15:02:13 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

     A continuous cloth tape printed or woven with a pattern, text or indicia having complementary halves is fed into a stitching machine in reverse.

The production method steps of invisible trademark zipper:

      1. The two zipper tapes that have completed the cutting action are folded back; the meshing action is performed through the slider of a zipper, and the patterns, characters or marks originally placed on the two zipper tapes are complementary to each other. Half, will be matched and aligned naturally;

      2. The two sprockets are preliminarily passed through a sprocket conveying device to implement a fixed tooth pitch, and the synchronous and tooth-by-tooth conveying operation can be accurately corresponding between the mutual sprockets and the tooth spacing, and the two sprockets are respectively presented. The tooth head faces outward and is transported into the sewing machine together with the continuous cloth belt;

Invisible trademark zipper

      3. The second sprocket row is then sewn by two sets of sewing needles to the predetermined positions on the two sides of the longitudinal center of the pattern, text or marking surface of the continuous cloth tape;

      4. Conveying a continuous cloth tape printed or woven with a pattern, text or mark with complementary halves into a sewing machine in a reversed state;

      5. Use a cutting device to cut the continuous cloth tapes of the two sprocket rows that have been sewn from the longitudinal center to form two strips respectively equipped with the sprocket row and a reverse folded selvedge. zipper tape.