Invisible | Nylon | Resin | Metal Zipper Specifications
Invisible | Nylon | Resin | Metal Zipper Specifications
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Invisible | Nylon | Resin | Metal Zipper Specifications

2022-08-15 16:05:40 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

1. Invisible zipper

Combined width 4.15+0.03 Single width 2.65+0.03 Thickness 2.10+0.05mm

Electroplating slider: mouth width 4.4mm mouth height 1.9mm

Paint puller: mouth width 4.35mm mouth height 1.85mm

Ordinary belts are suitable for thick fabrics; lace belts are suitable for thin fabrics.

Ordinary top stop: Advantages: high output (adjustable speed); Disadvantages: sometimes the top stop can't pull the root

U-shaped top stop: Advantages: The top stop can be pulled to the root, which is suitable for clothing that needs to be pulled to the root; Disadvantage: Low output, 4000 pieces/8 hours.

Factors that may easily lead to 3# invisible zipper defective products: the big knife is bent; the joint of the microphone teeth is slightly cut when the size is fixed, which causes the welding of the lower end to be in place, and even the upper end of the microphone is exposed, so the upper end is easy to fall off; the length of the lead ; The slider has no insurance after being painted.

2. Nylon zipper

Combination width 4.15+0.05 Single width 2.65+0.03 Thickness 2.00+0.05mm

Pull head mouth height: 2.05-2.15 Pull head mouth width: 4.2-4.25

Closed tail: When sizing, there is no need to distinguish between high and low microphones, so sometimes the head can be adjusted to open; sometimes the weft density of the selvage is too loose, which is easy to cause threading, which affects the appearance. Weaving method, so that the bottom end of the penetrating tape is not easy to draw; the top end position must be guaranteed to be flush, the front lead is 2.2mm, the rear lead is 1.8mm, and the yard lead before and after injection molding must be guaranteed to be 4.0mm.

Opening the end: It is difficult to select the teeth of the fixed size. Because the distance between the teeth is relatively small (1.2mm), it is best to use a fixed size installation. The right insert is high and the left is high and the right is low. Manual repairing is required. Ultrasonic half a microphone is pressed to the root, and both sides are The shank is evenly distributed, and the upper thread is continuous. The length of the punched cloth is about 8mm. When pressing the square pin, the pulling speed should not be too fast. The force on both sides should be even and pulled in place. Change from high pressure to low pressure, close the mold slowly, and then change the high pressure action pressure from low pressure to high pressure, and perform high pressure mold clamping. The difference between the two induction switches is about 20mm. Because the thickness of 3# nylon is thinner, the induction switch has a poorer action. Small, it has higher requirements for adjusting the position of the sensor switch. The specific adjustment method: when the zipper is in neutral position, the sensor switch light is on, and when the zipper reaches the higher part of the microphone, the sensor rod moves, the sensor switch light is off, the fishing needle is pressed down, and the hook is hooked. Punch down the hole where the cloth fits the microphone in place.

Factors that easily lead to defective 3# nylon zippers: Due to the size of the zipper, the upper thread is easy to break when the size is fixed, and the ultrasonic half of the microphone is not crushed to death, causing the pressure to open and the tail to be pulled in place.

Note: 3# nylon tail should accompany the tail puller, if the size is normal, the top end can be injected.

custom zipper pulls

3. Resin zipper

Pull head mouth height 2.6-2.7MM, mouth width 4.75-4.85 combined width 4.55+ 0.05 thickness 2.4+0.05

Closed tail: When pressing the upper and lower ends, the temperature, injection delay time, and pressure holding time should be adjusted properly. If the size of the closed-end zipper is about 15CM, if there is a certain number, one row of microphones and two belts can be used. The same is true. , if there is a suitable size and quantity, it can also be one piece.

Opening end: When sizing, make sure to take the lead? FONT face="Times New Roman">112.5px, (17 microphones), the pattern of the ultrasonic tape is clear, the left and right are uniform, and the position is about 1.5mm away from the microphones, to ensure that the Hole crochet hooks firmly and punches through.

Press adjustment: the high pressure should not exceed 100kg/cm2, the injection pressure should be 40kg/cm2, the holding pressure should be 30kg/cm2, the low pressure should be below 10kg/cm2, and the high pressure and pressure holding cooling time should be more than 0.1 seconds. ) and then adjust.

Factors that are prone to defective products: exposed shin (the reason is whether the upper and lower mold positioning pins are broken and whether they are appropriate), the latch is falling off (whether the injection pressure is appropriate, whether the holding pressure and cooling time are sufficient), and the square cloth seam is narrowed (the pressed zipper will be cooled down) Then wear the slider)

4. Metal zipper

Pull head mouth height 2.1-2.2MM, mouth width 4.55-4.65 combined width 4.45+ 0.05 thickness 1.95+0.05

Closing the tail: After sizing the microphone, the damaged microphone must be removed, the upper and lower ends are flush, and the shin should be wrapped tightly.

Open the end: The sticker should be about 1.8mm away from the microphone, to ensure that the punching crochet hook can be hooked firmly, the length of the punching cloth foot is about 8mm, to ensure that the bolt square is installed to the root, and the punching needle hole should be punched to the tape and centered.