Maintenance method of metal zipper and waterproof zipper
Maintenance method of metal zipper and waterproof zipper
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Maintenance method of metal zipper and waterproof zipper

2022-06-22 10:00:10 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

First of all, we will introduce the maintenance method of waterproof zipper and the precautions for use:
    1. Ironing: Ironing is likely to be the main reason for the shedding of the waterproof film, please try to avoid ironing. If ironing is necessary, please put on a thin cloth at a temperature below 100 degrees Celsius;
    2. Dry cleaning: The dry cleaning conditions of waterproof zippers are likely to be different from the dry cleaning conditions of clothing fabrics. All users who use our company's waterproof zippers should confirm and use them before using our company's waterproof zippers;
    3. Color diffusion (contamination): The waterproof zipper is easy to react chemically with the surface of the PVC and PU peritoneal membranes, so it is very likely to contaminate the fabric of the clothing. Please confirm in advance before use. If contamination occurs, please use it between the fabric and the waterproof zipper Sewing after isolation cloth;


waterproof zipper

    4. Washing: In order to avoid damage to the waterproof membrane during washing, the waterproof zipper must be pulled well before washing. Do not wash with hot water. When drying, please dry naturally;
    Note: When red and black waterproof zippers are used with bright white fabrics, they must be sewn with an isolation cloth between them, especially when the fabric is coated with PU and contacts the waterproof membrane on the waterproof zipper. The isolation cloth must be used for isolation after sewing.

Let's take a look at the precautions for the maintenance of metal zippers:
    1. If the metal zipper is stored for a long time under high temperature and high humidity, it may change color, so please store the metal zipper in a dry environment.
    2. When the garment is washed and processed, before mass processing, it is necessary to carry out a sufficient test in advance to confirm whether the zipper discoloration, migration and damage to the slider will occur.
    3. When metal zippers are used in leather products, if the neutralization treatment and drying of leather fabrics are insufficient, the zipper may be discolored and corroded. Therefore, please test before sewing the zipper to confirm that discoloration and corrosion will not occur.

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    Finally, introduce how to repair broken metal zippers and waterproof zippers:
    1. When the opening and closing is not smooth, if the chain head is pulled forcibly, it will cause a tooth occlusion failure. At this time, apply paraffin or lubricating spray [FASTENERMATE] on the surface and inside of the gear, and then move the slider several times to loosen it.​​
    2. The waterproof zipper on the bag when there are too many things, if the zipper is closed and closed, the force of the zipper is too large, and the teeth will be separated from the belt. This is serious in terms of zipper failure. Pull the left and right teeth closer together to make it easy for the chain head to pass through and close the zipper. ykk zipper head

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3. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head bites the line segment or the fabric and the slider cannot be pulled. In this case, if the slider is forced to be pulled, the bite will be deeper and deeper, and the slider should be reversed on the one hand. On the other hand, untie the fabric. When fully bite in, don't pull the metal slider vigorously, but slowly back the slider. Also, when sewing and pulling, please do not leave hidden dangers.

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