Environmental requirements for metal zippers
Environmental requirements for metal zippers
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Environmental requirements for metal zippers

2022-06-20 14:45:58 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

This article mainly introduces the environmental protection requirements, development trends and application prospects of metal zippers, hoping to bring help to parents.

    Metal zippers are ubiquitous in daily life, so do you know "What are the environmental protection requirements for metal zippers?"
    As regional and international organizations have formulated relevant provisions to protect the environment, there are also relevant environmental protection requirements for the production of zippers:
    1. The electroplating of metal zipper sliders requires environmental protection, such as electroplating without lacquer / shallow kele, etc.
If there is no Latitude (nickel-free)---EN standard.
    2. The dyeing requires environmental protection, such as no azo, non-toxic, OKO-TEX standard.
    3. The baking paint requires environmental protection, such as lead-free-ITS.ANS standard.
    4. If the needle is required to be inspected, the needle must be inspected (non-magnetic) ─ NE-A standard.
    Environmental protection mainly requires metal zippers to be non-toxic, while use requires metal zippers to be safe, especially zippers used in special fields and children's products.
    With the continuous introduction and transformation of high-tech achievements, and the continuous progress of related technologies such as chemicals, dyes, molds, machinery, electronics, etc., the technical content of metal zipper products will increase day by day, which will make the development of zipper products have broad prospects. Vibrant!

     Introduction to the use of metal zippers:
     It is widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, packaging, tents, etc. For protection, there are space suits, diving suits, rescue suits, anti-virus suits, etc. For covers: aero engines, power generation devices , rockets, missiles, chemical weapons and other ordnance covers are used in the field of environmental protection, such as marine oil weirs and artificial turf; metal zippers are used in medical and health aspects: stitching for surgery, packaging bags for sterilization, and quilts for isolation. Wait. On the other hand, due to the emergence of new technology of non-metal zipper vacuum electroplating and the continuous development of the industrial level, the zipper does not become not only a connecting piece, but also a decoration and handicraft. It has played an icing on the cake to improve the quality of clothing.

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    The development trend of metal zipper:
    The zipper industry can be described as "rising water". The metal zipper industry, which has just emerged from the impact of the world financial crisis, has shown an unprecedented prosperity. In the first half of 2012, the demand for zippers showed explosive growth. The company's products are in a state of short supply, and orders in the second half of the year are basically stable.
    The rigid demand of the market has increased the demand for zippers - in 2013, the demand for metal zippers in the clothing industry increased significantly compared with 2012, and other industries also increased the demand for zippers. In the face of the huge market demand, many zipper companies have not yet reacted from the aftermath of the "financial crisis" in the world. They are too cautious and conservative in the market demand, which has caused the production capacity of metal zipper companies to generally fail to adapt to the increase in orders. In addition, the lack of front-line production workers is also the biggest problem faced by enterprises, resulting in a short-term supply and demand imbalance in the zipper market.
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    Through continuous internal improvement, the metal zipper industry has invested a lot of new automation and mechanization equipment, and used information technology. In the process of product manufacturing, efficiency and service have improved significantly, product quality stability has improved, and some corporate brand influence is growing. The gradual expansion has enhanced the overall competitiveness of the metal zipper industry. In particular, the innovation ability of some enterprises has been enhanced, which is mainly reflected in the diversification of product varieties and grades, the personalization to meet customer needs, and the speed of delivery services. YYX Metal Zipper Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, design and sales of various zippers. Its production capacity, equipment level, type and quantity, and quality standards have reached the domestic first-class level, and have won praise from Chinese and foreign customers. Welcome to inquire.