The difference between nylon zipper and resin zipper
The difference between nylon zipper and resin zipper
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The difference between nylon zipper and resin zipper

2022-08-11 09:38:55 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

What is a resin zipper?

The so-called resin zipper is actually a zipper product with polyester plastic rice as the main raw material, which is processed by an injection molding machine according to a specific product mold. Such zippers are usually dyed during subsequent processing to give them a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What is a nylon zipper?

In non-metal zipper products, in addition to resin zipper products, nylon material is another important subdivision product. The raw material used in this product is nylon yarn extracted from petroleum. It is a zipper product produced by special heat treatment winding equipment. The head of this product will be painted or plated to make it more beautiful.

What is the difference between the two:

The difference between the two is still huge. First, the processing techniques are different. The former is made by injection molding, while the latter is made by hot pressing. Second, the cost of the two is different, and the cost of resin is slightly higher. A penny, while nylon will cost a lot less.

A nylon zipper is a type of zipper that consists of nylon monofilaments wound through a heated die.

Zipper classification

According to the material of zipper, zipper is divided into three categories: metal zipper, resin zipper and nylon zipper. Metal zipper teeth are discharged through copper wire or aluminum wire through threading machine, resin zipper teeth are made of polyester plastic rice through dye color matching, and discharged through injection molding machine, nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament heating and pressed by the mold winding center line composition. Compared with metal zippers and resin zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, large output and high permeability.


zipper assembly

1. Tape is a flexible tape woven from cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed chemical fiber, used to carry fasteners and other zipper components;

3# nylon mesh single zipper

3# nylon mesh single zipper

2. The edge of the ribbed tape is used to carry the reinforcement of metal or plastic fastener elements;

3. A rope is a rope made of multiple strands of fiber in the middle of the ribs.

4. Chain tooth shovel refers to the teeth with a certain shape after processing metal, plastic and other materials;

5. The filling rope is made of multi-strand fiber threads and is used to produce nylon zipper chains;

6. The tooth chain refers to the continuous arrangement of teeth;

7. The zipper chain tooth chain on one side of the toothed chain belt is fixed on the cloth belt, which is called the toothed chain belt;

8. The zipper chain is formed by the meshing of two tooth chains.

9. The top block is fixed on the toothed chain belt, so that the slider will not slide out of the toothed chain belt block when the toothed chain is pulled;

10. The bottom block is fixed on the toothed chain belt to restrict the slider from sliding out of the toothed chain belt when the toothed chain is pulled, and the block can prevent the toothed chain belt on both sides from being completely separated.

11. Bring back and forth. The tape without the teeth on the zipper is called the head, the top is the front and the bottom is the back.

12. Pin Detachable Pin Detachable pin is fixed at the end of the open zipper and is used to completely separate the tubular part of the chain belt.

13. The socket box holder is fixed at the end of the open zipper to completely separate the box parts of the chain belt;

14. Two-needle two-needle is a tubular needle used in conjunction with an insertion tube on a double-needle zipper.

15. Reinforcing tape is a composite type used to enhance the bonding strength of sleeves, sockets and cloth tapes, and prolong the service life of zippers

16. The moving part of the slider that engages and pulls the chain teeth apart;

17. The puller is a component of the slider. It can be designed to be connected with sliders of various geometric shapes, or connected with sliders through intermediate pieces to realize the opening and closing of the zipper.

18. The connector connects the intermediate element of the slider body and the slider;