What are the most durable zippers?

What are the most durable zippers?

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The zipper head has been used for a long time. The paint or plating on the outside will fall off and it will corrode or the zipper chain with iron will rust. This zipper should not be used. Now zippers are so cheap. The zippers are usually nylon resin and copper. The aluminum and stainless steel metal pull.

1. Nylon zipper: invisible zipper, heart-through zipper, adhesive waterproof zipper, hollow zipper, double-bone zipper, braided zipper, etc.

2. Resin zipper: gold (silver) tooth zipper, transparent zipper, translucent zipper, animal luminous zipper, ray zipper, diamond zipper.

3. Metal zipper: aluminum tooth zipper

There are several kinds of zipper with metal head, which material is the most sturdy. Now there are only two in circulation on the market. The main materials are zinc alloy and copper iron, which were used in the past. It is rusted, so it is better to use zinc alloy. This depends on the specific brand of the zipper.

It is best to choose a harder zinc alloy, do not choose 3# material, which is softer and the product is easy to deform. It is best to choose 5# zinc alloy with a little more copper content, which is harder and the product is not easily deformed, which can greatly improve production efficiency and To ensure the product quality is strong and durable. No. 3 zinc alloy is generally used as ordinary material

The zipper of my clothes is often broken. I don’t know what kind of zipper or the things that fasten the clothes are durable, and the sealing should be better after the clothes are fastened. The metal slider is more durable. The zipper is generally divided into three types: metal, nylon, and resin. Copper metal, aluminum metal, nylon, resin, resin in order of durability,

Except for the spring heads used on jeans, which are copper, they are all zinc alloys.

What are the most durable zippers?

The material of the zipper head is zinc alloy, iron, copper, stainless steel, and then plastic sliders. Generally, nylon zippers use more zinc alloys and plastics.

Plastic steel is good

Generally, the most common ones are the iron pipe shell sprayed with plastic and aluminum alloy. Of course, stainless steel is also used. If you want to be strong enough, then buy the kind with a relatively thick wall thickness, and then use more for the position with a larger span, such as a balcony. The strength of the braces (3) will be very good. In addition to being sturdy, you should also consider aesthetics, and pick a favorite color and style, with noise-reducing plastic guides.

Metal zipper (the teeth are copper and can be electroplated. The slider is zinc alloy. The slider process is similar).