Which is better plastic zipper or nylon zipper
Which is better plastic zipper or nylon zipper
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Which is better plastic zipper or nylon zipper

2022-07-09 13:56:11 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

      According to the material, zippers can be divided into several types, such as metal, plastic and nylon. They are used in many clothes, pants and other products. Which one is better to compare plastic zippers and nylon zippers? The following are the differences between Zhonger New Materials.

      Compared with plastic zipper and nylon zipper, nylon zipper is better. This type of zipper has a thinner tooth ratio, looks transparent, and feels like a plastic wire looped out. Generally, thin fabrics such as underwear and long skirts also have nylon zippers for sweaters, epoxy resin zippers for outerwear, and metal zippers for jeans and leather clothing.

      Zipper is generally divided into three types, metal material zipper. Nylon zipper. Plastic steel profile (epoxy resin or plastic) zipper. Metal zippers are more expensive and are generally used in handbags and leather bags. Nylon zippers are generally used on satchels and luggage leather goods. Plastic steel profile zippers are used less. If the length is the same, the specifications and models are the same, the metal zipper is more expensive. The plastic steel zipper is second, and the nylon zipper is the most cost-effective. All kinds of super powers need to be standardized separately, and there is no good or bad. Look at what level of leather bags you use.

      Nylon zippers are cost-effective, lightweight, and are the most prone to problems. Due to the unstable drawing of nylon, cracks sometimes occur. In other words, in terms of cost, nylon is higher than plastic. Generally, plastics are all made of polyester cloth, and the cost is only half or one-third of nylon. In terms of quality, nylon has good ductility and high compressive strength and is not easy to break, while plastic is obviously poor, brittle, low strength, and very easy to break. Nylon zippers can be used in various places, but generally prefer to be used in sportswear, shoes, quilts, luggage and leather goods, and outdoor tents. Common zipper heads are sprayed, and sometimes electroplating is also applied. The raw material of nylon zipper is mainly polyester, the cost is relatively low, and it is also a favorite zipper in the current market.

Which is better plastic zipper or nylon zipper

      The difference between plastic zipper and nylon zipper:

      1. Differences in raw materials: nylon zippers are made of polyester fiber raw materials, regardless of cloth strips or rice teeth. The sutures are all polyester fiber fabrics. Plastic zippers, technical professionals say, are actually epoxy resin zippers, after plastic granulation, injection molding process.

      2. Production process: The nylon zipper is made of polyester cloth thick filament spirally formed, and the rice teeth and the cloth strip are surgically sewed together by sutures. Plastic zipper is made of polyester raw material particles melted at high temperature, and then processed into zipper by plastic machine.

      3. Differences between application fields and physical standards: Nylon zippers have close teeth, soft and high compressive strength, and can be bent over 90 degrees without affecting the compressive strength. They are generally used in luggage and leather goods. Outdoor Tents, gliders, etc. bear strong tensile force. In places that are often bent and used, the frequency of pulling and closing is high, wear-resistant, and widely used. Plastic zippers are silkier and smoother, and are generally used in places where the compressive strength and bending requirements are not too high.