What is the material of the zipper of the trousers?
What is the material of the zipper of the trousers?
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What is the material of the zipper of the trousers?

2022-08-08 14:31:22 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

1. The copper is good and strong, and the quality of the general copper zipper is also good! The nylon is very tight and uneven on the clothes.

2. Because the cloth is relatively thick and hard, the cow-loaded trousers have relatively high requirements on the force of the zipper, so the zipper used is generally a metal zipper, and the slider is generally a copper YG head, which has a relatively large force; while the suit pants are relatively It is soft and does not require high force, so nylon zippers are generally used.

3. Unfolding all jeans generally use metal zippers and sliders, which are more wear-resistant and wider than the zipper of trousers. The zipper of trousers, the color selection should be basically the same as the fabric, which is relatively short and detailed; the material of the zipper teeth is generally Plastic-based, feel is relatively thin.

4. Knee silk, bag cloth (cloth), waist lining, waist lining, pocket skewer, bag pocket tooth lining, trouser hooks, bag rails, trouser buttons.

5. Since the Middle Ages, Western civilization has spread all over the world. Suits are the main formal clothes. At first, they were all buttons. So now in the discipline of public relations etiquette, it is also mentioned that all formal clothes are buttons, not zippers. Yes! Suits are formal, of course they can't be zippered!

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6. It can’t be matched like this. Here’s a problem to pay attention to. “Shelving” and “knowledge” can be matched semantically. For example, we can say “he threw away all the knowledge he has learned”, but we don’t say “ Throw knowledge". Likewise, you can't just say "set aside knowledge", but you can say "set knowledge aside in the brain's warehouse".

7. There is a difference. The differences are as follows: A. The fabrics are different, the trousers need the fabric to hang, while the casual trousers generally use cotton or silk fabrics. B. The styles are different, and the styles of trousers are mostly loose Straight-leg trousers, including the crotch, are also relatively loose, the buttocks are generally cut without the buttocks, the trousers are long, many styles have vertical folds, most of the back pockets of the trousers are designed with buttons, and some are also designed with flap back pockets, etc. C. The sewing methods are different. The trousers of casual trousers are sewn with double threads, and the double threads are exposed, while the trousers are generally sewn with a single thread, and the thread color is generally selected as the same color as the fabric, and the exposed stitches are unknown.

8. It is forbidden to wear dark colors, because dark colors have a shrinking effect, which will make you look thinner. 1. Don't tie all the hair, it is suitable for scattering. It is better not to put it on the back. 2. In cold weather, wear thick wool or fluffy fur. 3. The clothes should not be too long or too tight. The cuffs, shoulders of the clothes should be decorated, or necklaces can be worn, but Don't be too complicated. It is very suitable for layered collocation to increase the sense of fullness. It is better to use soft fabrics for such collocation. The top can be fluffy, such as: puff sleeves, soft high lapels

9. One person wears clothes with one person's style! You can follow your own dressing route instead of following the crowd and following others' opinions! Don't pursue this year's trend, but pursue last year's mainstream! Boys, I feel as follows: Clothes: This year's animal-based T comparison Popular trousers: Denim trousers and shorts are good! Shoes: NIKE, Adi have new styles to match this year! Accessories: Metal bracelets, metal necklaces, and metal rings to wear properly,

10. Wearing silver-gray, milky white suits, suitable for wearing red, vermilion, dark green, sea blue, brown-black ties, will give people a quiet, beautiful and desolate feeling. Wearing red, high-quality suits, suitable for wearing milky white, milky Yellow, silver gray, lake blue, emerald green tie to show an elegant and luxurious effect. Generally, the width of the belt should be kept at 3 cm when worn deep. Also, when tying the belt, do not make the belt buckle and the zipper not in the same line. Online, it is about to make a joke. The waist of the trousers is the soul of the trousers, and the soul of the trousers is on the waist of the trousers. If the waist of the trousers is suitable or not, you only need to put on the trousers and breathe naturally.