What types of zipper head materials are there?
What types of zipper head materials are there?
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What types of zipper head materials are there?

2022-08-08 14:30:59 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

In real life, most of them don't know much about the types of zipper head materials, and they don't know much about the types of zipper head materials. Here, Xiaojia will give a detailed answer.

1. Aluminum zipper, nickel zipper: As the name suggests, it is a zipper made of aluminum alloy and nickel alloy. The above is an introduction to the types of backpack zippers.

2. If you want to understand how the slurry pump is classified, then you must first understand what a slurry pump is: Conceptually, it is the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller to make the solid-liquid... Because these models are generally Expressed in the form of fractions, and the overflow parts of this type of slurry pump can have two choices of materials, one is wear-resistant metal material, the other.

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3. At present, zippers on the market can basically be divided into metal zippers, plastic zippers and nylon zippers according to their materials. Zippers of different materials are suitable for installation on different types of products. Among the zippers of the above three materials, nylon zippers are the production cost. The lowest, largest and most widely used zipper. Nylon zippers are widely used...

4. At the same time, helmets, gloves, cycling clothes, water bottle brackets and other supporting products, as well as handlebars, car locks, lights, reflective strips, adjustable brackets and other parts and products are also abundantly available, with prices ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Varies. "Bikes at different price points differ in size, material, and functional design. In order to meet the...  

5. Able to flexibly engage in various types of work. According to the connection, the air-conditioning product uses R134a refrigerant, and has five temperature settings... July 13, 2022 A-share historical high stock list The stock market has suffered a large-scale adjustment, no What a fearful user...

6. How to choose bed sheets Fabric material Bed sheets are in close contact with the human body, so the requirements for their materials are very high.

7. The characteristic of this material is that it is lighter than other materials. It has excellent comprehensive performance, excellent impact strength and size... The above is about how to choose the right trolley case and the kind of material of the trolley case. The content is introduced here, what's not...

8. Which suitcase material is better? 1. Look at the appearance: the hard case can be moisture-proof, and the soft case is much more packed. The material of the hard case is plastic molding, and the material of the soft case is fabric or leather. Some consumers depend on the appearance Judgment, think hard case is stronger than soft case. Merchant reminds

9. It is suitable as a packaging bag material. Polyethylene has stable chemical properties, is resistant to erosion of most types of acids and bases, and is not resistant to oxidative acid erosion. Polyethylene has excellent insulation and low temperature resistance, but it is not suitable for It has poor resistance to heat aging and is flammable.

10. In today's society, there are many types of zippers, and they are divided into many types from the material alone. The most common is metal zipper, and also includes resin zipper, nylon zipper, etc. If the zipper falls off one side, it should be How to fix it?