What is the price of the zipper for protective clothing?
What is the price of the zipper for protective clothing?
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What is the price of the zipper for protective clothing?

2022-06-27 15:47:26 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

Where is the zipper for medical protective clothing produced? What is the price of the zipper for protective clothing?

      Focus on the production of protective clothing zippers, to provide you with where to produce medical protective clothing zippers, protective clothing zipper quotations, medical protective clothing zipper requirements, how many zippers for medical protective clothing, what zippers for protective clothing, and how to damage medical protective clothing zippers manage.

Where are the zippers for medical protective clothing produced?
      Medical protective clothing zipper YYX zipper Co., Ltd. produces, the existing products include metal zipper, plastic tooth zipper, diamond zipper, nylon zipper, stainless steel zipper, double-bone and invisible zipper, protective clothing zipper, a complete range. In order to meet the needs of overseas markets in Europe and the United States, the company also uses lead-free materials and needle-checked materials to put into production. The products have been strictly controlled and tested and approved by the Dongguan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, meeting the environmental protection standards for export to Europe and the United States. In order to win the good reputation of our customers and work together to create a better future, the company has successively introduced advanced production equipment in the industry, adhering to the spirit of "scientific management, continuous innovation, and pursuit of perfection", as well as the integrity and good service attitude to provide customers with Best quality product!

Medical protective clothing zipper

      YYX has a splendid development history of 20 years in the production of medical protective clothing zippers, and its business has spread both at home and abroad, which fully demonstrates the strong strength of YYX zippers and the consistent determination to operate the zipper business. Many domestic and international well-known brands have designated YYX zipper as the main supply partner of zipper. Every garment manufacturer, handbag dealer and clothing brand who trust YYX zipper can enjoy the good quality and perfect and sincere after-sales service of YYX zipper.

Protective clothing zipper quotation

      Protective clothing zippers are divided into medical protective clothing zippers and factory protective clothing zippers. The requirements for different uses will be different. The zipper material is nylon zipper material, and the models are divided into 3#, 5#, 7#, etc., general protective clothing The quoted price of zipper ranges from 0.3 yuan to 0.6 yuan, and the price will be cheaper if the quantity is more.

Why the zipper of medical protective clothing is behind

      There are also in the front, mainly depends on the degree of protection, the zipper should be placed behind to take into account that some harmful substances penetrate into it under special circumstances (if high pressure).

Medical protective clothing zipper requirements

      Before wearing medical protective clothing, we must ensure the suitability of chemical protective clothing, that is, whether the protective clothing is in good condition. Visual inspection to see if the outer surface of the protective clothing is contaminated, whether the stitches are cracked, and whether the clothing is broken. For medical protective clothing zippers that require air tightness protective clothing, a special air tightness detector should be used for regular air tightness testing (once every six months), so that the protective clothing can play a role in emergency wear. It is very important to check before wearing. If only based on experience, equipment that is considered to be safe, but in fact unsafe, may cause serious injury accidents. Correct size Before wearing, you should reconfirm that the size of the protective clothing is suitable for you. Too large or too small will cause inconvenience or accidental hanging or tearing during work. Removal of sharp objects Remove unnecessary keys, knives, pens, etc. from the body to avoid damage to protective clothing during work.

Medical protective clothing has several zippers

      For air-tight protective clothing or non-air-tight protective clothing with good sealing, due to working in a relatively isolated space, it is recommended to follow the principle of two people accompanying each other, that is, at least two people enter the work area together to prepare for the emergency. When a situation occurs, it can be rescued in time.

      Medical protective clothing fabrics can provide effective protection for several hours, but if an air respirator is worn, the working time is determined by the working time of the air respirator. Pay attention to the effective use time of the air breathing apparatus, and replace it in advance before the gas cylinder is used up. And when calculating effective working time, the time spent walking and changing equipment should be considered.

What is the zipper of the protective clothing?

      The zipper of protective clothing is nylon zipper. Nylon zipper can be divided into: 1. Closed end zipper 2. Open end zipper (left and right insertion) 3. Double closed end zipper (X or O) 4. Double open end zipper (left and right insertion) . Compared with metal zippers and resin zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, large output and high popularity. And it is not easy to corrode, and can effectively isolate the entry of air and gas.

What to do if the zipper of medical protective clothing is damaged

      What should I do if the zipper of medical protective clothing is damaged during use? In general use, it will be damaged due to excessive force and improper operation. The solution is to discard it. If time is sufficient, remove it and replace it with a new one. Protective clothing zipper.

Medical protective clothing self-locking zipper pull

      The face of the person in the medical protective suit has the mouth and nose as the respiratory organs, which is the most likely to cause infection. The protective clothing commonly used now is open in this part, and the person who wears the self-locking zipper of the medical protective suit must be there. A barrier barrier temporarily assembled with masks and goggles is used for protection on site. Due to the different quality of the masks and goggles used, the different facial shapes of people, and the different degrees of technical mastery of the wearers, it is difficult to ensure effective isolation. The openings for putting on and taking off these protective clothing are generally located in the front of the protective clothing, and ordinary zippers are used, which cannot effectively block harmful gases and liquids. Partial opening exposes the human body to danger and increases the chance of infection.
      The second is sultry. The fabric of the self-locking zipper pull of medical protective clothing is made of plastic film. Although the substrate is fabric or non-woven fabric, it is fashionable and comfortable to touch the human body, but it cannot solve the stuffy heat caused by the lack of air circulation in the protective clothing. Wearing this kind of protective clothing to work will make people sweat profusely in an environment of more than 20 degrees, and in an environment of more than 30 degrees, it will damage the wearer's health and reduce the ability to work normally.

Does the suit have a zipper?

      The protective clothing has zippers, which can effectively close different parts of the clothing, and can well isolate the entry of water, gas and other substances.

What should I do if the zipper of the protective clothing is too long?

      If the zipper of the protective clothing is too long, the sealing of the clothing will be insufficient, and there will be a risk of harmful substances entering. These gowns have open elastics on the face and must be used in conjunction with goggles and masks. For effective protection, the wearer must wear at least two masks, and the perimeter of the mask must be completely in line with the face without gaps and loopholes. It will be difficult to breathe through dozens of layers of gauze. In order to solve this problem, some people use ventilating masks, but they cannot solve the wearer's sultry problem; some people use microporous plastic film or microporous composite film as protective clothing fabric, so that the water and gas in the protective clothing can slowly overflow and slow down wearing People feel stuffy, but it cannot solve the difficulty in breathing caused by unreliable facial protection and wearing multi-layer masks.