What material is the most durable zipper puller?
What material is the most durable zipper puller?
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What material is the most durable zipper puller?

2022-08-04 10:30:56 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

1. The zipper head has been used for a long time. The paint or electroplating layer on the outside will fall off and it will corrode, or the zipper chain with iron will rust. This kind of zipper should not be used. Now the zipper is so cheap. The zipper is generally made of nylon resin. Aluminium with copper and stainless steel

2. Now there are only two kinds in circulation in the market. The main materials are zinc alloy and copper. Iron was used in the past. Now there is no such thing in the market. The reason is that iron is easy to rust, so it is better to use zinc alloy.

3. Which one is better~? The zipper is based on the clothing. For example, the jacket is all metal zipper, not made of plastic~~ The process of the zipper can not help but be the same~! According to the clothing needs~!

4. The zipper is composed of a slider, a tooth, and a cloth tape. Resin, metal, and plastic are the three main materials. The metal is roughly divided into two types: iron-containing and non-iron. Non-iron will be more expensive, and the quality There is not much difference. Those mainly containing iron cannot be detected by the needle detector (to test whether there are broken needles in the clothes). Therefore, copper is often used.

5. Hello! I only know that the machine zipper required is divided into open and closed. Closed zipper requires 1, sizing machine 2, laying stop machine 3, pulling machine 4, top stop machine 5, cutting machine 6, inspector opening zipper needs 1, sizing machine (tooth trimming is required)

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6. Zinc alloy model? The manufacturers are different, and the names are different. Zinc alloys are generally determined according to the content of other metal components: the impurity content of the zinc alloy of the slider includes copper, aluminum, magnesium, iron, etc. The content of iron is the most The good thing is that zero should not exceed 0.004%, otherwise it will not pass the needle inspection. The best copper content is between 0.35% and 1%, magnesium below 0.02%, and aluminum below 0.5%. Trace elements are used to improve zinc alloys. Viscosity, fluidity, gloss, etc.

7. There are two kinds of metal sliders and plastic sliders

8. Find a better match between the chain and the slider. Now there is only one penny for what you pay for. You can run a zipper manufacturer and then run it well.

9. The specific uses are different, and the advantages are not balanced. The materials they use are different. First of all, the price is nylon is the cheapest, resin is second, and metal is the most expensive. The production cycle is the fastest in nylon and the slowest in metal. Different patterns and materials are different. Metal is the best nylon for casual wear, general bags and other best resins are used for cold-proof, warm clothes and other best metal and leather clothing, thicker clothes, etc. and precious bags. The suitable use is also the most widely used in nylon, and the most popular is the use of silicon and silicon.

10. Soap can lubricate. When the metal zipper is not pulled smoothly, wipe the zipper teeth with a small piece of soap, and the zipper can be smooth.