What kind of material is the zipper of the pants?
What kind of material is the zipper of the pants?
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What kind of material is the zipper of the pants?

2022-08-05 15:00:43 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

1. Each zipper has its own good material, which should be selected according to the requirements. 2. The zipper is divided into three categories: nylon, resin, and metal. The raw material of nylon is polyester monofilament, the raw material of resin is polyoxymethylene, and the raw material of metal is yellow Copper, generally used copper, zipper head, pull tab raw materials are generally zinc selenium alloy

2. The zipper is based on the clothing. For example, the jacket is all metal zipper, not made of plastic. The process of the zipper can not help but be the same, according to the clothing needs.

3. Therefore, there are QCs who use magnets to check whether the factory uses iron zippers to perfunctory iron can also be plated.

4. The copper is good and strong, and the quality of the general copper zipper is also good! The nylon is very tight and uneven on the clothes.

5. Because the cloth is relatively thick and hard, the cow-loaded trousers have relatively high requirements on the force of the zipper, so the zipper used is generally a metal zipper, and the slider is generally a copper YG head, which has a relatively large force; while the suit pants are relatively It is soft and does not require high force, so nylon zippers are generally used.

6. Most of them are made of zinc alloy. The zipper is divided into nylon zipper, metal zipper and resin zipper. The aluminum wire is discharged through the tooth-arranging machine, and the resin zipper teeth are made of polyester plastic rice through dye color matching and discharged through the injection molding machine.

7. Is there a security checker? Yes. Usually there is no detection because the precision is adjusted and the size of the zipper is ignored.

8. Most zippers use iron materials.

9. This depends on the specific brand of the zipper and the actual zipper style. The general metal zipper is "zinc alloy and copper", and the special domestic metal zipper will be made of aluminum.

10. Jeans were strong and durable in the early days, using metal zippers and riveting buttons. Over time, this has become a style feature of jeans.