No zipper smart luggage PK traditional zipper luggage
No zipper smart luggage PK traditional zipper luggage
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No zipper smart luggage PK traditional zipper luggage

2022-06-20 14:26:15 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

    Because of its convenient and practical use, luggage has been loved by people who travel and travel in recent years. There are many types of luggage. What kind of luggage is better in quality? What size suitcase is more convenient to travel? Is a zippered or unzippered suitcase better? The following YYX zipper introduces the material, size and function of "unzippered smart luggage" and "traditional zippered luggage":

Zipperless Smart Luggage

    According to foreign media reports, the intelligent storm has now spread to luggage, and the "zipperless intelligent luggage Trunkster" created by the New York design team will become a cool equipment for people to travel. Currently, the Trunkster is available for pre-order online in two sizes. The small size version is 22x14x9 and costs $245 (about 1,505 yuan). The large size version is 27x19x11, and the price is about 1812 yuan.

1. The Trunkster without zipper is made of aerospace aluminum material. It adopts a zipper-free design. The top is equipped with a window-type door curtain that is more convenient to open. The door curtain is made of wear-resistant and waterproof material.
2.Trunkster has its own internal weighing system, you only need to lift the luggage by hand to see the weight. Meanwhile, the Trunkster comes with a detachable power bank that can provide up to 9 smartphone charges. Equipped with 1 USB port for powering mobile devices.

3. The most important point is that the Trunkster has its own GPS positioning, which is convenient for locating and retrieving the luggage after it is lost. It is very similar to the Find My Mac function of "Find My Computer" in the Apple notebook. According to Trunkster inventors Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash.

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traditional zipper luggage

    Early suitcases were made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularity of air travel, zipper suitcases tended to be lighter in hard plastic or cloth. Most traditional zippered suitcases also have built-in wheels, which can be easily pulled with a lever, and can be pushed easily on flat ground. Traditional zipper luggage can be divided into hard-shell luggage and soft-shell luggage according to the outer shell. Whether you want to buy a soft-case or a hard-case, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The following YYX zipper will introduce to you:

1. Soft case material Zipper suitcases are generally purchased from nylon, Oxford cloth or non-woven materials. The suitcase made of this kind of fabric has various external designs, which can extend the use capacity. The disadvantage of this kind of luggage is that the waterproof effect is not as good as that of a hard case, and it is not suitable for storing fragile items. This kind of luggage will sway on uneven roads due to its soft body. This suitcase is more suitable for short trips. There are many brands of soft case luggage: the quality and durable ones have to be counted as the passenger traveler luggage. The suitcase is made of cloth and EVA material. It makes the cloth of the soft case three-dimensional, which can shape various shapes and curves, save manufacturing wages, speed up the production process, and cooperate with the use of honeycomb panels. It feels like a hard-shell box, but without the weight of a hard-shell box, the box shell is more varied, and it can also add a zoom function, install a pull rod, and the design of multiple pulleys at the bottom makes it easier and more convenient for users to go shopping abroad. You don't need to bring any more suitcases.

2. Hard case zipper luggage is divided into ABS, PP, PC, CURV and other materials. The suitcase of this material is relatively hard, and the strength of the shell is relatively high. It is not easily deformed under heavy pressure, and is not affected by water and acidic liquids. Easy to clean. The disadvantage is that because the material is better and the cost is high, the price will be relatively high. In addition, the weight of the box is also large, and it is not convenient to use. This kind of box is generally large, and there is no small model. This kind of luggage is suitable for long-distance and overseas travel. If you buy a hard case, I recommend everyone to use: OSDY's trolley case. Not to mention the quality. The hardness of the box body is nothing to stand on.

3. Leather zipper suitcase, this is a relatively high-end material suitcase, with a lot of exterior colors, more fashionable and tasteful. Of course the price is also very high. The disadvantage is that because it is relatively high-end, it is somewhat flashy for ordinary consumption. This kind of box needs more care, it is easier to scratch and break, and it is more difficult and expensive to repair if it is damaged. Among all the leather cases, the Ba Tiannuo leather case has to be counted in terms of better quality.
    To distinguish the quality of the luggage, the first thing we should look at is the material of the luggage. The hard-shell luggage is more resistant to falling and is suitable for luggage that needs more protection. Soft-shell luggage is generally lighter in weight and more flexible in capacity than hard-shell luggage. However, the zipper position of a soft case suitcase is more likely to burst open due to too many items inside.

Luggage size introduction:

    The size of the carry-on box (International IATA) stipulates that the sum of the dimensions of the three sides should not exceed 115CM. Consignment box size (International IATA) regulations: The sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 158CM. The rules of different airlines are different, you can first ask which airline you will be flying with. Common boarding trolley size:

20 inch trolley case size
    The 20-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width and height of the trolley case must not be greater than 115cm. Such a boarding case can be brought into the aircraft cabin. The most common size design of a 20-inch trolley case is length 52×width 36×thickness 24cm. Such a trolley case looks small and exquisite, and is the first choice for many young consumers, because they usually do not carry a lot of luggage, but some simple life. Therefore, a trolley case of this size is perfect for them, which can not only show their simple and fashionable style, but also be economical and practical.

24 inch trolley case size
    The 24-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width and height of the trolley case shall not exceed 135cm, which is the standard boarding trolley case size stipulated by the aircraft. The most common size design of a 24-inch trolley case is 64×width 41×thickness 26cm, which is the most used trolley case. It is also the most suitable trolley case for the public. If you are a college student or a white-collar worker, I believe this trolley case can meet your travel requirements.

28 inch trolley case dimensions
    The 28-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width and height of the trolley case shall not exceed 158cm, which is the standard aviation trolley case size of the 28-inch boarding trolley case. The most common size design of the 28-inch trolley case is length 76×width 51×thickness 32cm, which is a relatively large-capacity trolley case. Such a trolley case is suitable for people who are on the business all the year round, and the 28-inch large capacity can be put down for them Many life and work supplies, ideal for the needs of business people who are on the go.

32 inch trolley case size
    The 32-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width and height of the trolley case shall not exceed 195cm, which is the size of the standard boarding trolley case stipulated by domestic aircraft. There is no very common size for 32-inch trolley cases, and most of them need to be customized. This is also the largest size of trolley cases. At present, only Samsonite trolley cases have such a large size in the world. The 32-inch trolley case is most suitable for people who need to travel long distances or travel by car. They have so many items that ordinary luggage can't hold it.

    Whether it is "unzippered smart luggage" or "traditional zippered luggage", people are making the most significant changes to luggage so far in the design and function research and development, and constantly develop many new functions, making most people traveling in The practical use of luggage has been greatly improved. So in the current market with a wide variety of luggage, bright colors and endless functions, do you want to know what kind of luggage is of better quality? What size suitcase is more convenient to travel? Is a zippered or unzippered suitcase better? I hope the above introduction will help you, if you don't understand something, please feel free to contact us!