How to distinguish true and false nylon zippers
How to distinguish true and false nylon zippers
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How to distinguish true and false nylon zippers

2022-08-26 10:35:48 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

Now the market for nylon zippers is very large. Many people see business opportunities and bring nylon zippers to the zipper factory that makes imitations for modification. The modification is carried out from the upper end. Most of them are shortened. After shortening, they must be added. Termination, to prevent the nylon zipper from slipping out, this termination does not maintain the original termination of the nylon zipper and the fake will eventually be exposed.

According to the structure, nylon zippers are divided into: upper end, lower end, teeth, sliders and straps. The distinction between true and false nylon zippers involves many aspects. According to the number of sliders, it is divided into single slider zipper and double slider zipper, among which nylon zipper is mostly used for outdoor products.

The nylon zipper must first be identified from the zipper head itself. Whether it is the handle of the nylon zipper or the zipper head itself, there is at least one marked with a logo, especially the font of the handle position of the nylon zipper. The rare ones are wide body and narrow body. The body is generally started in 2007 and 2008, and there is a logo on the front of the zipper.

At present, there are two types of fonts on nylon zippers: one is a rare narrow body, and the other is a wide body. From the current point of view, the wide body used by fakes is relatively small, while the narrow body is more. If the font is wide-body, generally speaking, the possibility of genuine goods is relatively high, of course, it needs to be identified from the convenience.

Whether it is a resin single-slider zipper or a nylon single-slider zipper, they all have a common feature, that is, there will be a logo at the lower end of the zipper, and this logo will usually be a real zipper.

If the upper end connection is a real zipper with smooth edges and corners, after reading the lower end connection, look at the upper end connection. Nylon zippers are generally clamped with metal or plastic clips to prevent the zipper from being pulled too far. Seeing this, in general, the authenticity of the zipper can be carefully judged.

As long as the double pull zipper has a common feature, it is paired with the 5VS series. They are all in the form of small top and large bottom. The upper zipper is slightly smaller and the lower zipper is slightly larger, forming a double zipper. The zippers are all metal, one is a metal textured zipper and the other is a coated zipper.

Most nylon zippers are matte, some have a slight sheen, and zippers with a metallic texture look like they have a strong metallic texture. Fakes are generally darker in color and look dark and bright. There are also imitations of fakes, and special attention should be paid when identifying them.

The integrity of the nylon zipper is very important, and it is also an important factor in judging the authenticity of the nylon zipper. A complete nylon zipper should have a logo on the lower end and a company-specific rounded end on the upper end.

Most of the upper ends are not processed by the original factory, but installed by domestic zipper factories. Why is this? Let me explain to you that some knockoffs use real nylon zippers. Some domestic imitation factories buy some real nylon zippers from some dealers who specialize in resale of accessories. These nylon zippers are the remaining orders of some domestic factories because of the length of these nylon zippers and the length of nylon zippers required for clothes produced by counterfeit factories. are different.

The above is the explanation on how to distinguish true and false nylon zippers. Do you understand after reading it? I hope it will be helpful to you.