How to prevent metal zipper from discoloring?
How to prevent metal zipper from discoloring?
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How to prevent metal zipper from discoloring?

2022-06-14 14:01:33 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

     Abstract: In general, copper alloys react with acids, bases, oxides, reductants and sulfides to form colored salts. When such chemical elements in the surrounding fabric are sufficient, the metal parts of the zipper, such as teeth, sliders, upper and lower stops and opening hardware, will change color, and such chemical reactions can easily occur under high temperature and humidity conditions. . Such chemical reactions can occur, for example, if a product is ironed during the sewing process and then packaged directly or in a plastic bag for an extended period of time. Colored fabrics that react can change color, and soft-colored fabrics that contain sulfur can discolor copper alloys and create stains.

1. Discoloration occurs when metal zippers are bleached with woollens. YYX zipper factory tells you how to prevent metal zippers from discoloring?
Generally, wool fabrics can be bleached by the following methods;
 * Bleaching with an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide, etc.)
 * Bleaching with reducing agents (hydrogen sulfide, etc.)
   In addition, some wool fabrics are bleached with oxychloride for durability.
   Gases (chlorine, sulfur dioxide, etc.) will be generated if not sufficiently washed or neutralized, especially if not treated with sulfates and chlorides. Under humid conditions, sulfites and oxychlorides can directly deposit on metal surfaces. react. For example, if woollens are stored for a long time in a bag immediately after ironing, various chemical elements and gases will cause discoloration of the metal surface. in this case,
 * Use fully washed and dried woolen fabrics
 * Allow sufficient time before packing after ironing.

2. When the leather hits the zipper, it will change color when exposed to moisture. In this case, what should be done to prevent the metal zipper from discoloring?
    The discoloration of leather products is due to the use of leftover tanning materials and acids in the leather making process. This tanning material is formed using compounds such as sulfuric acid and other inorganic acids, chromium compounds, tannic acid and acetaldehyde. Since the main component of leather is animal protein, the leather itself is not easy to remove such tanning compounds, so a large amount of chemicals are usually stored on the leather.
 * Please use fully washed and tanned leather;
 * Metal zippers will contaminate the cloth tape when the garment or other products are surface treated.

3. How to prevent metal zipper from discoloring when using green bronze or black bronze zipper?
    When the finished product is dyed and surface treated, acids or oxides will remain on the tape, and they will react chemically with GKB and GK metal zippers, so as to contaminate some zipper tapes, especially white or light-colored tapes. Zippers can also react chemically with paint: use well-washed and dried fabrics.

4. After the zipper is waterproofed, the paraffin will be transferred to the fiber. How to prevent the metal zipper from discoloring?
    Paraffin is coated on the metal zipper teeth to make it slide smoothly. When a metal zipper is sewn on a tape that has been waterproofed, the paraffin wax will melt during the ironing process, turning it into fabric and causing tape contamination. In this case: When ironing, put some paper or fabric between the fabric and the zipper to iron.

5. The fading and discoloration of cotton fabrics caused by reactive pigments, how to prevent the discoloration of metal zippers?
 * Pigments in dyed cotton fabrics react with metal ions. In wet conditions, the pigment reacts with the copper alloy to produce a color change.
 * After the garment is re-dyed, fully dry and keep the finished product in a dry place;
 * Avoid wrapping clothes in plastic or vinyl bags;
 *Avoid storing or displaying garments in high temperature and humid environments.

    After more than ten years of continuous efforts, research and development, YYX zipper factory tells you how to prevent metal zippers from discoloring with rich experience. YYX zipper products have been strictly controlled to win the good reputation of our customers, and provide customers with the best quality products with good integrity and good service attitude!