Why do metal zippers change color?

Why do metal zippers change color?

2022-06-09 13:59:32 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

Metal zippers are ubiquitous in daily life, so do you know the reason for the discoloration of metal zippers? The following are the reasons for their discoloration:
    1. Color migration of metal zipper tape:
       Disperse dyes used for dyeing polyester webbing and other products containing compounds will cause migration. Therefore, although the zipper is stained with the anti-migration formula, you should be careful when using dark zippers on white backgrounds and plain fabrics. Migration often occurs when the fabric is in contact with the zipper, and it also occurs due to factors such as temperature, air humidity, pressure, and placement time. Therefore, it is best to sandwich a layer of paper between the products to prevent migration.
    2. Discoloration of metal zipper teeth:
        Metal chains made of copper alloys (nickel, red copper, brass) are formulated on metal wool products. The zipper will appear black due to metal oxidation and some teeth will turn black. This is due to the incomplete dissolution of peeling agent and bleach. Discoloration caused by gas remaining on the product. Oxidation is the property of copper, in order to reduce the degree of change, zipper products should not be sealed in cellophane or thick paper bags. Binding metal chains with sulfide-containing rubber bands will vulcanize (blacken) the metal teeth.

metal zipper pulls

    The metal zipper on clothing is to be used every day, and scientific use will prolong its service life. When pulling the metal zipper, the teeth on both sides must be brought close to each other, the top must be aligned, and then the metal zipper head must be gently squeezed along the track. Pull on the ground, do not pull too hard. When moving the metal zipper head, be careful not to twist the placket or cloth edge into the metal zipper, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "skewed teeth", "broken belly", "tooth loss" and so on. If the metal zipper is astringent and difficult to pull, do not pull hard. You can apply some wax or soap on the metal zipper to pull it. The gap between Chinese enterprises and advanced enterprises in other countries lies in the realm, in the understanding of the connotation of metal zipper products, and the view on "change and change".

    With the continuous change of understanding, the ingenious designers began to use their creativity to make the zipper attractive, and this neglected supporting role gradually showed its own style and became a well-deserved protagonist. Under the careful design of the designers, the small zipper can also be more varied, bringing infinite temperament, and at the same time, it can also set off the clothing very well.
    For many fashion people, the matching of zippers has gradually become closely related to the choice of dresses, and is no longer as indifferent as in the past. It is certain to say that the previously neglected beauty of the zipper has been gradually recovered over the years, and it is blooming proudly with a new attitude.

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    The overall level of the current standards of the metal zipper industry is relatively low, especially in the context of the increasing popularity and improvement of computer management, mechatronics, and automation, which highlights the industry's lack of these relevant standards. The current standards cannot be the basis for product standardization, production automation and production efficiency improvement, nor can they provide consumers with an intuitive "price-by-quality" standard, resulting in the inability to accurately judge the level of products and enterprises, and the more disorderly competition in the industry. Play more intensely. The standardization work of YYX metal zipper factory in developed countries is market-oriented, and the formulation of standards is based on market demand. my country's metal zipper standards are basically based on manufacturing enterprises. It is a new topic to transform the nature of the standards from production-oriented to trade-oriented.