Matters needing attention when using metal zippers
Matters needing attention when using metal zippers
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Matters needing attention when using metal zippers

2022-08-25 09:03:07 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

Metal zipper is a kind of zipper, which refers to the zipper whose microphone teeth are made of copper, cupronickel or aluminum material. Today, Dongguan metal zipper manufacturers tell you what to pay attention to when using metal zippers.

When we usually use metal zippers, we need to pay special attention to the fact that the zipper is free from skew, tooth loss, etc. If such a situation occurs, it needs to be repaired in time. The metal zipper must not be pulled hard during the use process. If the zipper is loose In the case of falling and disengaging, we can use a small hammer to lightly tap the zipper head a few times to make the teeth of the zipper bite tighter.
The metal zipper may be easily corroded during use, so it is necessary to keep it dry in time, and must not get wet, which can effectively prevent the chain teeth from forming white oxides, which will cause a long time. Cause the product to rust, which will directly affect the use of the zipper.
If the metal zipper is wet, it will become astringent when it is used. In such a situation, the zipper lock needs to be sun-dried, and then a layer of wax is applied to the teeth of the zipper, and the fire is used to carry out the process. Baked, so that the product will be more lubricated when used.

The metal zipper must not come into contact with acidic and alkaline substances during the use process. During the use process, the product must have a certain ventilation performance. However, the product cannot be sealed and stored during the storage process. It must not be stored in a humid environment. If necessary, you can use its dehumidifier or moisture-proof paper.
When pulling the metal zipper, you should first align the teeth on both sides, and then squeeze the zipper head and gently pull it forward along the track, but the force should not be too strong during the pulling process, which may cause Its teeth are crooked. If its zipper is astringent, it can be cleaned with a cloth first, and then put a layer of white wax on it before using it.
Before washing the metal zipper, the zipper must be pulled up, and then the slider should be fixed, so as to prevent the chain teeth from cutting the fabric, which can prevent the tape from expanding and shrinking, and the decontamination is relatively good. Strong detergents will directly dissolve the paraffin on the surface of the zipper, so if the zipper is not smooth after washing, you can apply paraffin on it and pull it up and down two or three times.
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