Which is better plastic zipper or metal zipper
Which is better plastic zipper or metal zipper
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Which is better plastic zipper or metal zipper

2022-06-07 10:55:41 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

      First of all, it depends on the type of clothing. If it is jeans, copper is traditional, followed by aluminum. If you use plastic, it will definitely not work, and it will be considered as not high-end and cutting corners.

      Sports pants, hospital clothing, military clothing, and factory tooling are generally made of plastic, because the metal is easy to cause sparks due to electrostatic discharge. It is recommended for children to use a spiral safety zipper without redness. The most important point is that you must not use inferior products, whether metal or plastic or nylon.

      In addition, there are three categories of artificial materials: plastic, rubber, and nylon, so nylon is its own classification, not plastic, but many zippers are nylon, and the appearance is similar to plastic, but it is really not plastic. Plastic zippers are much more expensive.

      The premise of a good zipper must be that it can be pulled smoothly, can be flat against the body, will not bulge, and the wiring should be neat, dense, durable, not stuck, the slider will not fade, and the metal texture is full. At the same time, the zipper must be able to lock fully at the top and not slip open just because you lift the surrounding fabric up. Metal zippers are more durable than plastic zippers, and plastic zippers are more easily damaged. Generally, plastic zippers are used for cheap clothes.

plastic zipper

metal zipper

      Try not to choose plastic zippers. The life of plastic zippers is generally much shorter than that of metal zippers. Among metal zippers, copper zippers are relatively more cost-effective.

      In terms of material, the zippers used on down jackets include metal zippers, resin zippers, and nylon zippers. The metal zipper is the strongest and has the best durability, but it is cold to the touch in winter, and it is necessary to frequently apply some wax and soap on the zipper to add lubrication to it; the resin zipper is made of polyester chips, which are hard and durable. Wear, anti-corrosion, colorful and colorful, due to the large particles and roughness of the chain teeth, the smoothness is slightly worse; the nylon zipper is made of polyester yarn, which is relatively soft and does not feel cold, but it is easily damaged when used in winter ; Functionally, there are other distinctions such as invisible zippers and waterproof zippers.