Zipper is an important element of clothing design
Zipper is an important element of clothing design
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Zipper is an important element of clothing design

2022-06-16 09:52:39 Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd 0

   In our daily provincial capital, many backpacks and clothes will use zippers, but zippers are also consumables. If you don't pay attention, they may be damaged or not easy to use. You can use soap and candles to wipe the zipper a few times, and then slowly pull it back and forth a few times to add lubricity to the zipper and prevent it from rusting. If the zipper is rusted, use the tip of a knife to pry the zipper open a little, then slowly pull the zipper down, then pinch the zipper tightly with pliers.

    The zipper needs to catch the clothes, don't pull hard, otherwise the stuck part will get tighter and tighter, and it may also damage the zipper. Slowly pull the fabric stuck in the zipper outwards, while simultaneously pulling the zipper down, pulling the garment out little by little.

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    When the zipper is in use, it is necessary to align the two chain teeth, and then pull the slider to slowly pull it forward. Do not pull it too fast or too violently. When using the zipper, do not overfill the backpack, wallet, etc. with a zipper. Otherwise, it is easy to break the zipper. Do not let the zipper get wet, or contact with acid, alkali and other substances, otherwise it is easy to rust or corrode, usually keep the zipper dry.

    The zipper is one of the important elements of clothing design. To a certain extent, it is the unity of function and aesthetics. When operating the zipper reasonably and skillfully, the aesthetic function of the zipper can be used to design a clothing model with perfect functional structure, which is welcomed and liked by people. ! The harmony of zipper color and clothing color includes the harmony of color character and the proportion of color area. Generally speaking, it is easier to reconcile the colors of zipper designs with similar colors.

   The zipper is made of strong red, black and white, which can produce a bright and eye-catching visual effect when used. Its soft pink and gray colors can be soft and beautiful when matched with clothing, which improves the quality of clothing. And the characteristics of beautiful taste, comfort, function and environmental protection have become the object of consumers' attention.

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   The aesthetic principles of zipper and clothing design are unified in that the materials, colors, patterns, and craftsmanship are similar or consistent in the use of methods. Nowadays, clothing zipper accessories are indispensable for modern people, which effectively include necklaces, buttons, belts, metal zippers, bags, earrings, etc. The color matching of clothing should also pay attention to the appropriate distribution of proportions, such as the proportion of cool and warm colors, and the proportion of purity.